Goa Is Presenting Top 5 Casinos

Gambling has been legalized in Goa so if you are planning to visit Goa then you can easily check out some of the best casinos of the city. The casinos of Goa are offering various games like poker, blackjack, slot machines, roulette and many other kind of gambling games.

Goa is the only place in India where one can have a huge amount of satisfaction on playing casino games. But always be in the safe side. Do not spend extra money in the casinos. Always do calculations that how much you are supposed to spend?

The casinos of Goa are all attached to the five star hotels. The hotels will give all the basic comforts to the gamblers cum guests. What for you are waiting? Go and grab the money of the casinos and some of the very attractive beaches are there in Goa that will welcome you and refreshes you from the boredom for some days.

Here is the list of five most preferred Casinos in Goa

Firstly: Chances: This casino has all sorts of people. Some come here to spend the holiday, while some other comes here for to play the casino games and to have fun and excitement. There are different types of games like slot machine games, American roulette, horse derby etc. The gamblers have to pay a government tax of about Rs. 200.

Secondly: Treasures: It is mainly visited by the tourists. This casino is opened for twenty-four hours and one has to pay Rs. 200 as an entry fee. The games are available here are slots, horse derby and electronic slot machines.

Thirdly: Goa Nugget: This casino has been modeled after Taj Mahal Casino of Las Vegas. Slot machines, card games, poker, horse derby are the main game of this casino. The entry fee of the casino is Rs. 200.

Fourthly: Las Vegas: it remained open for twenty –four hours. And it has been attached with a five-star hotel. Slot machine, roulette is the chief casino game available here. The entry fee is Rs. 200.

Fifthly: Hacienda de Oro: it is in Holiday Inn. It is opened for twenty-four hours. It has 150 slot machines and roulette as the main casino games. And the hotel has 3 restaurants and 2 bars.